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Business Meeting

Our Story

During the COVID pandemic, many faced job losses and sought new careers. Our founder, Charmaine, used this opportunity to share her journey from Neuroscience to the technology field through social media. This evolved into her personal brand, The Tech Bae,' expanding to address diversity in education, gender, and ethnicity, forming the Tech Bae Platform.

'With a team of two exceptional black women and dedicated volunteers, 
Charmaine's contributions have earned awards, built a thriving community of 10,000, and gained recognition from Business Insider as a top tech-focused TikTok account. Through collaborations with diverse companies, she actively reshapes the tech industry.


Our Mission

Our goal is to work on these 3 focus groups in our community to redefine what the tech industry looks like. 

Through education

Through Jobs and Opportunities

Through Community 

Our Community

Classmates in the Library

Women in tech only make up to 26% of the Tech populations.

Black people only make up to 3% of the working tech populations.

Team Meeting

Career switchers are hardly represented in the industry.

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