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FAQ's on Starting Your Tech Career

Updated: May 24, 2023

Hey everyone, I’m back again with another post.

I’ve been replying to all your messages and emails lately regarding getting into the tech industry and thought why not give you guys a FAQ!

1. Do I need to have a degree in computer science to get into tech?

One of the frequently asked questions and the is answer NO. I’m living proof, they’re plenty of people from different backgrounds who work in tech. If you want to know my personal experience please see my previous post.

2. Do I need to have a degree to get into a tech role? There are many avenues to get into technology. Some tech professionals have done online courses, boot camps and internships to get into their role. University is a good way to secure a job but not the only way !

3. I don’t know how to code, how do I start? Everyone starts somewhere! There are plenty of places to start learning software engineering,coding and technical skills.

3. Do I need to have a technical background to get into all tech role? No, there are many roles within the tech industry that require you to have a technical understanding and other that don’t. This range from being a Cyber Security Anaylst which is a more technical role. Whereas as project managers and technical business analysts require less technical knowledge.

4. What types of industries can I get into using technical knowledge? Your favourite online clothing store, bank, supermarket and all other industries rely on IT and technology. Technology is the future and is implemented in all industries, making your role fundamental!

5. Can anyone really get into the tech industry? People from different walks of life, experiences and backgrounds can embark on the transition into technology/IT based roles. People have been able to transition from retail and hospitality into high level tech roles.

6. I want to get into tech but I don’t know where to start, what should I learn first? I would say start with the basics of IT systems. This will give you a understanding on how software works. Then look into job roles which match your interest and identify core skills to acquire from there.

7. Did you know how to code when starting your role? Nope! My role didn't require me to have coding knowledge. However I’m currently learning.

8. Are there part time tech roles available? Most of the roles do require you to be full time, however that is not always the case! There are many industries and employers that require your skills at different contractual hours. A lot of people also offer their skills on a part time basis to clients or a freelancer, which makes learning technical skills valuable.

Takeaways from this post Do not let your current circumstances determine where you will be in life! At any point you can have a career change. Whether it’s university, boot camp or apprenticeship route you take in to technology, what is for you will always be for you.

Thank you so much for taking the time out to read this post and I hope it has helped you.

Till the next post ! God bless

Love charms x

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