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List of jobs in tech

Updated: May 24, 2023

Hey everyone! I am back. I know it’s been a long time, but this blog post required a lot of time to construct. I get a lot of questions regarding the types of roles there are in tech and what they require. Now this isn’t ALL the jobs in tech and that’s the beauty of this blog post that there’s this list and more jobs.

I’ve made it easier for you depending on your interests, regarding if its more a creative role that requires coding or a certain skill set. Use this as a guide but not as a bible, so feel free to look at other roles that may be out of your current interests or skill set as you never know!

So without further or do, here’s a list of roles in tech!

Backend engineering

Job description Software engineer

As a software engineer, you are in charge of creating, maintaining, auditing, and improving systems to meet particular needs. In this role, you will be writing diagnostic programmes and designing and writing code for operating systems. In your day-to-day job, you may be writing code using C#, Java, Python, etc.

(Front end) developer

As a front-end developer means you’ll be creating websites, debugging websites and managing user data. Coding languages, frameworks in this field include Java script, HTML, Git, Git hub, boot strap, Node.js, Ember.js and Angular. js. Other versions of being a developer is - Mobile developer (creating, coding and prototyping mobile applications) - WordPress developer (creating plugins, managing content)

Full-stack developer

As a full-stack developer, your role is to see a project from start to finish. This means you’re in charge of prototyping, planning, designing, building, deploying and managing a project. Your role includes managing projects, writing code and creating projects. HTML, CSS, Java script, Java, Ruby, frameworks, SASS and PHP are skills regularly used in this role.


Network security specialist Information security specialist IT security specialist

Cybersecurity as an overview are usually professionals or analysts that can include installing firewalls, create security plans, safeguard organisations files, networks and monitor activity.

There are a range of career choices and here are some which can require specific coding languages: - Security specialist - Incident responder - Security administrator - Vulnerability assessor - Cryptographer - Security manager - Security architect - Security analyst - Security auditor - Forensic expert - Security consultant

- Security engineer

Creative Roles

UX designer

This job role covers the process of designing a product, whether physical or digital. The term UX means user experience," highlighting the person's emotions and feelings about using the product. The role of a UX designer includes looking at the motivations, functionality, and accessibility of the product to please the customer or user. Tools that can be used include InVision Studio, Sketch, and Craft.

UI designer

UI which refers to designing the ‘user interface’, which the designer builds what the software or computerized device looks like. Software applications used can be Figma, Sketch and InVision.

Graphic designer

The role of a graphic designer is to create logo’s, billboards, packaging, magazines and much more. This job requires you to have a creative mind, as you’ll be designing and creating concepts depending on the client using the different software. Software used by graphic designers includes InDesign, Illustrator and photoshop.

Animations designer

This job role includes creating design and special effects in movies, video games, media and social media posts. This is done using different computerised software, creating storyboards, create models and then creating 2D/3D images. Software used such as Adobe creative cloud, UX wireframes and graphic design.

Web designer

A web designer is in control of designing the website in terms of how it looks, design and the layout. This role is ideal for someone who has a creative eye, as they can be working for either a client or different project. Scripting knowledge is desirable JavaScript, PHP and .NET that would be beneficial for this role.

Augmented reality designer

The role of this designer is to create programmes that reflect some sort of reality. The designer develops efficient and reusable code to create these programmes on applications, smart phones laptops and desktops. This role would be suitable for someone who is technical and also creative.


Cloud administrator

This job role requires the individual to manage the instances of the cloud infrastructure services and the multiple cloud servers. They’re responsible for working in mixed environments such as Unix and Windows. This job requires you to have certifications, such as AWS certifications and knowledge of Code Green, Proofpoint, Active Directory, Exchange, Office 365, Azure, AWS, GCP, and other Windows-based technologies.

Cloud network engineer

A cloud network engineers role is implementation, configuration, maintenance and support of the entire cloud network. Network engineers are responsible for designing, building, and implementing cloud based solutions. Knowledge of cloud providers, such as Microsoft Azure, Amazon Web Services, and Google Cloud Platform is essential for this role.

Project management / Non technical relationships

Test analyst

A test analyst is responsible for making sure the product, software or system at hand that has been developed is working correctly. This role would be good for someone is analytical to spot problems and defects. This role can also be technical as testing can also be automated using languages such as C#, Java and Python.

Project manager

Project managers in technology ensure that initiative and projects are fulfilled with all specifications covered. These proposed technology/ software initiatives need to be completed in a specific time frame.

Business Analyst

A business analyst analyses the benefits of technology products or software for the business. Business analysts work closely with developers and testers to ensure that things are running smoothly for the business.

Data technology

Data Analyst

This role requires an individual to interpret data and using the data to make beneficial changes to the business. This role would be good with someone with an analytical eye, as they will be using technology to track trends, insights and patterns.

Data Engineer

A data engineer uses data products and services and integrates them into systems and business processes. They develop, construct, test and maintain architectures such as databases and large-scale processing systems. They work with tools such as SAP, Oracle, Cassandra, MySQL so technical knowledge for this role is needed.

Machine learning

For this role, you will create programmers and algorithms in artificial intelligence to take actions without being directed. Knowledge of C++, Python and Java would be needed for this role which can come form a degree or qualifications.


Robotic process automation consultant

This consultant creates robots using software to build automated repetitive processes to improve businesses. This role requires the individual to be a problem solver to find solutions for the business. This role isn’t usually heavily technical, depending on the software that the company uses.

Tech sales

Tech sales consultant

This individual’s role is to advise and communicating the value of tech services and products. This individual needs to understand to assess the need of the business and be solutions orientated.

I hope this blog post was beneficial for you and remember there are loads of roles in tech to choose from, even some I haven’t mentioned here. Anyone can get into tech so don’t be discouraged!

Love The Tech Bae x

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